Hello Angler’s,

Its good to see a bit of rain, why? well the bay is becoming very clear pushing most species right up the back of the estuary. A little bit of rain will flush baitfish and prawns down stream and the fish will follow. Likewise a good southerly change offshore helps push warm water in, where as constant North Easterlies simply turn the water over and make it cold.


Those Kings at Nelson Bay Break Wall are still testing anglers gear and skills, with fish ranging from 3kgs to 16kgs. Good customer Tristan has been doing well early morning mainly live baiting with squid. Tristan popped into the shop earlier in the week to show us a short video filmed on his phone of one that he released that was estimated at a solid 13kgs. Other anglers are also getting bites on 80-100mm poppers and stick baits. Early morning or late afternoon tide changes are the key. Speaking of land based a few Tailor and Salmon are being caught from the jetty behind the Salamander shores hotel. Small metal lures are the go. Flathead are in good numbers although it pays to get up early on sunrise or fish the last couple of hours of light. The beach adjacent the Anchorage marina is fishing well with one customer releasing a personal best 80cm model on our new Fuze “110mm FIN BAIT” range. wading the flats at Bagnalls beach will also be worth a go especially with the southerly winds over the weekend. My preference besides soft plastics is to rig a white bait on small gang hooks and slowly roll it just above the weed and sand. Jimmy’s beach is also holding a few lizards so to the short cut at Tea Gardens. Bream and Sand Whiting are firing up but with clear water you have to fish further up the bay. Surface a very effective on both species and often nail bigger then average Whiting. If your not into lures then a live Blood Worm (which we have 300 in stock) are the go especially rigged on a lite fluorocarbon leader of around 4lbs and fished lightly weighted over the sand flats on an incoming tide. if your after a feed then get the tinny out and drift in 2-4m of water from Soldiers Point to Lemon Tree Passage. Trumpeter Whiting are on the chew and a simple rig consisting of a ball sinker, swivel and long shank hook will do the job. Best baits are peeled local coral prawns or live worms. While your out put the crabs traps in the water for a few blue Swimmers.


Its probably one of my favourite times of year to fish the beaches, why? because of the species you can target. Drakey, Neil and myself ventured down Birubi after work during the week and nailed a few fish including Tailor well over a kilo, Bream, Whiting and a few Salmon. We stayed after dark to fish the the tide change in hope of a Jew but no luck. Elsewhere a few Whiting and and Flathead are along Fingal, whilst Tailor can be caught at the southern end of Box Beach.


After this southerly blow the rocks should fish well and I would put my money on a few Reds from the stones. Places Sunny Corner (Boat Harbour) and Fishermans Bay almost always produce a few good Snapper after a bit of swell. A lunds squid or brined pilchard tossed in the wash will be the go. Despite being summer there are still some solid Drummer around the washes and Sunday will be the go as the swell dies down. A good bread burley and fresh Cunjovei or peeled endeavour prawns will be the go. A few Luderick are also in the washes and cabbage weed will be the go to target them.


The constant North East winds have made it hard to fish not only that turning the water over and making it cold. A few Snapper have been caught in shallow water from 5-10m especially before sunrise or after dark. A good burley trail and fresh slimy mackerel or pillies are the go and the further you can cast away from the boat the better. A few Kingfish are being seen in the washes so tossing surfaces lures or live baits will be the go. The FAD has had a few Dolphinfish but the water temp has been up and down. If your after larger Mahi then head wide to the shelf with a few 6-8inch skirts and you should worth your while. Local boat “Gunrunner” raised a few Stripes last weekend so too “Curly 111″ who apparently had a triple header. The southerly will push some good water over the shelf and hopefully the stripes will tail in and find the bait!

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